We are a luxury Glamping within a natural environment of exuberant beauty, with the purpose of awakening the consciousness of our guests, the connection with Mother Nature and with themselves in a comfortable and fun environment, generating a unique and transforming experience.

Our concept represents the combination of the latest ecotourism trend called Glamping or “glamorous camping”, and Wellness and Sensory Travel, serving all those people who are looking for answers on how to feel better physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our purpose is the awakening of consciousness and inner healing. Our infrastructure is based on sacred geometry designs, materialized in geodesic domes that are characterized by amplifying energy and generating an environment of peace and spirituality. Additionally, we create spaces for Yoga, meditation, dance, detoxification, ancestral rituals and talks, and other therapies that will be of great help in the individual process. We will also offer activities that facilitate connection with the land, such as hiking, bird watching, fruit picking, planting and composting techniques to nourish our soil. Food is a fundamental part of the healing process.

We feel honored to have been chosen as guardians of this ancestral territory and we walk hand in hand with our older brothers, the Indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Koguis, Arhuacos, Wiwas, Kankuamos), who guide us and teach us their ancestral knowledge to be in balance and harmony with Mother Earth.


Our mission is focused on service.

We take care of the service as guardians of the territory, the service to the community, and the service as facilitators and promoters for a process of connection, healing and elevation of the being to a higher state of consciousness. We feed the creation of energy. We provide the optimal techniques and spaces for each visitor to start and/or advance with his/her de ella inner process in an experiential and conscious way within a safe and comfortable environment in the middle of the forest. Our milestone is LOVE; for mother earth, for the community, for life, for our work and our purpose. Planting, into each of the actors involved, a seed for the conservation of Mother Earth and a more conscious and happier planet.

We wish to awaken in our walkers:

Love (For the community and nature) 100%
The fun 100%
The comfort 100%
Inner peace 100%
Welfare 100%
Awakening of Consciousness 100%


To be a network of healing centers, raising awareness at an international level, which allows us to impact as many people as possible through transformative experiences based on ancestral knowledge. Being recognized for the transformative impact we have on all those people who cross our path.



Always put your heart into what you’re doing
In every detail of the ways we serve, we give our best, with all our love and all our good intentions. This is how our life becomes beautiful.

We never make assumptions
We prefer questions to answers, we prefer to ask questions rather than make assumptions, we prefer to be humbly wrong than proudly wrong.

Be impeccable with our word
Our word is our tool of manifestation, our communication a tool of understanding, and we are committed to choosing our words wisely.

Don’t take things personally
Nothing is personal and even when it feels that way, it’s always a reflection. We push each other to be better every day and do our best to do it with love.

Your journey, your growth
We are all on our own path to improve and be a better being, we accept our mistakes and learn from them. We treat our colleagues kindly and contribute to their process of self-discovery.

The only inevitable thing in life is this moment
The only really inevitable thing in this life is this very moment, so accept it, embrace it and be thankful for it.

We are all healers and pure consciousness
We all fear the healing power within us, we are all equal and united in a web of universal consciousness. It’s a matter of how we decide to vibrate .


The transformation of human beings is only possible through individual expertise. That is why we have created a portfolio of activities and techniques that will efficiently lead you to connect with your environment, with yourself, and start your own healing process to end with an injection of vital energy that will refresh you.