It is the main basis of our business model where each decision is made taking into account the 3 pillars that support it.

These three  Environmental, Social and Economic pillars are what make our business model an economically viable project, socially fair and equitable and environmentally bearable. We are convinced that we have to be part of the change, because if we are not, it is surely because we are part of the problem.


Trekker Glamping’s goal is to acquire and preserve places that are characterized by a unique natural environment and generate sustainable development in them that benefits the community and the planet.

The first step for us is to carry out a  Permaculture design , where we learn to know the land in detail, analyze its geographical, climatic and topographic conditions for an efficient use of resources and its future sustainability.

With the priority of conserving and generating the least possible impact, we focus on an architectural design that adapts to the mountain and takes advantage of each of its characteristics in a positive way.

We have already planted more than  100 trees  of native species to recover the tropical dry forest where we are.

We have also planted all kinds of fruit trees and aromatic and medicinal plants that will help us live better off the land and for the land .

We carry out natural filters for the treatment of gray water, through Phyto plants and we reuse that water for irrigation. And we have invested in the best technology to achieve proper sewage treatment.

We will continue working on the  ecological sustainability  of the project, gradually switching from electrical energy and replacing it with renewable energies such as solar and wind.

We are learning and testing to achieve a supply of organic food for our own consumption and that of our walkers.

We have designed a system for the use of organic waste which generates fertilizer for the plants and gas as an energy source.


For us, community work is one of our main priorities, providing knowledge, time, work and contributions to projects that benefit the community in its development and quality of life. Along with other businessmen, we have created a group of sponsors to be able to carry out small projects that little by little will lead us to see the goal of having an organized community fulfilled, with adequate management of waste and residual waters that allow the protection and conservation of our environment We are committed to generating responsible and sustainable tourism for the conservation and care of nature.

We have been fortunate to find wonderful people in our community who share the same principles and dreams. Which has been very rewarding, and we are proud to work with this beautiful community.


We have developed a business model that is viable and compatible with the proposed objectives of conservation and tourism where our target market is our best ally. Equity and justice are the basis for our hiring and remuneration, always seeking personal, spiritual and business growth for all those involved.