Simón Bolívar Santa Marta Airport – Trekker Glamping 33 km. approximately one hour and twenty minutes.

Santa Marta Historic Center – Glamping Trekker 20.8 km. 1:10 approximately one hour and ten minutes

Mamatoco Bridge – Glamping Trekker 15 km. approximately 45 minutes

Minca – Trekker Glamping 2 km. approximately 15 minutes

Trekker Glamping is located in Minca Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a few minutes from the city and 700 meters above sea level. If you come in your own vehicle, you arrive at the Mamatoco service station and before reaching the Mamatoco bridge, turn right and turn off via Minca for 13 km. From there you cross the El Yucal and Ciudad Equity neighborhoods, then you begin to climb for 11 km until you reach Minca.

When you arrive in Minca, you leave the car in a parking lot and we pick you up in a 4×4 truck along an uncovered and hostile road.

If you have a 4×4 truck and you want to get to Trekker in your own vehicle, you can do it, but we want to make it clear that the road is hostile and difficult to access. Trekker Glamping is not responsible for any eventuality.

When you arrive in Minca, cross the first block on the left by the police station and continue straight until you start to climb the first footprint plate, then you will find one (Y) And take the road that goes up and keep going up until you reach a stone wall on the left with a wooden door where you will find our name (TREKKER GLAMPING) on a wooden sign.

If you are in the Center of Santa Marta you can get to Cootransminca which is located in the Santa Marta market and buses leave every hour. Bus has a cost of $8,000 pesos and they leave you at the Minca station where we will pick you up in a 4 × 4 truck

You can take a Taxi from Santa Marta to Minca that has an approximate cost of $70,000 pesos

we can provide you with the service from Airport – Minca for a price of $180,000 cop. From Minca to Trekker Glamping you can take our shuttle bus service at the stipulated time or organize a transport at your own time for an additional cost.

On the way from Santa Marta to Trekker you will find several signaling signs for more information.